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Simple Recipe Needed

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runkid · 07/10/2006 21:35

Can anyone give me a nice simple recipe that the kids will like using cod i havent cooked much with fish and dont have alot of time (single mum with job)

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charlieandlola · 07/10/2006 21:42

Poach the cod in a little milk, with a bayleaf if yo u have one.
Make a white sauce, add chopped parsley.
Pour parsley sauce over fish, serve with potatoes and veg.

runkid · 07/10/2006 21:46

Sounds lovely thanx any others please

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Birdly · 07/10/2006 21:57

Fish pie - microwave or poach the fish, add it to some white sauce, maybe add peas and sweetcorn, then top with mashed potatoes. Put cheese on top for extra yumminess!
You could maybe also do home-made fish fingers/fish nuggets/fish goujons with it.
My kids love home-made fishcakes, too - cook fish as before, mix it into some mashed potatoes, add a few herbs, shape into fishcakes, coat with beaten egg, then roll in breadcrumbs. I usually fry them but you could bake them. Make loads and freeze them!

runkid · 07/10/2006 22:48

Thanx birdly all sounds delicious

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MamaGhoul · 07/10/2006 22:50

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krabbiepatty · 07/10/2006 22:54

Nigella does a nice simple thing with it in How to Eat - I think it's justpan fry lightly both sides with a little flour on and then into over with a bit of salt and pepper and olive oil and then serve with her easy roasty potato things and peas or baked potatoes and peas.

krabbiepatty · 07/10/2006 22:54


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