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Help - how do I remove the remains of very old sticky fixers?

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Monkeychopsmummy · 05/10/2006 13:01

I removed an old mirror from the back of the bathroom door when we moved in but haven't been able to remove the remains of the sticky fixers - it is kind of a spongy residue - does anyone know how to remove it (with minimum elbow grease!)?

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southeastastralplain · 05/10/2006 13:02


indignatio · 05/10/2006 13:03

White spirit rings a bell for this type of thing

Don't forget to test a small hidden area first before ruining door - just in case the bells ringing are actually tinitus

batinshoes · 05/10/2006 13:13

definitely wd40.

Monkeychopsmummy · 05/10/2006 13:14

Thanks - I think I have some white spirit so I will try that first.

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Monkeychopsmummy · 05/10/2006 13:25

The white spirit seems to be working - spongy stuff is coming off when I scrape it now - yippee! Thanks again.

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