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Would you sack this man?

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themoon666 · 04/10/2006 14:17

I moved to a new village in July and it has taken me until now to find a window cleaner, so you can imagine I was over the moon when I finally found one. He called around, looked at my windows and said he would do me for £10 every six weeks, starting the very next day.

Left gates unlocked for him so he could get around the back and went to work. Came home... windows still mucky. Just though, ah well, maybe he didn't get round to me.... maybe tomorrow...

Next day, went off to work, leaving gates unlocked again.... came home... same story.

Third day... DH working from home. I get home and DH says 'window cleaner came for his money'. DH apparently said, 'but you haven't been yet'. Window cleaner said 'oh yes I have'. DH pointed out that the cobwebs were still there. Window man says 'oh but I don't do cobwebs'!!

I don't know how the hell he can clean a window when he would have to carefully reach inside the cobwebs ... any ideas anyone?

I went round and cleaned them myself with the ladder, bucket etc. They were black. There is no way this man can have done anything more than wave a filthy cloth at the middle of each one... corners not touched.

So... shall I give him one more chance?

OP posts:
saadia · 04/10/2006 14:18

no way

themoon666 · 04/10/2006 14:18

I was a bit suspicious when he said he wouldn't need access to fresh water

OP posts:
WigWamBam · 04/10/2006 14:19

I wouldn't ... I'm surprised you even need to ask!

themoon666 · 04/10/2006 14:22

I wondered if I should give him another chance now he knows I will question his standards. Thought I might give him a chance to pull his socks up a bit. I know, I know... am a pushover

OP posts:
ScareyCaligulaCorday · 04/10/2006 14:27

I would sack him.

WigWamBam · 04/10/2006 14:27

Why would you want to give this man any more of your money when he's either lied to you to get the money, or is a crap window cleaner? Or even both?

He can't be the only window cleaner who comes to your village - can you ask some of your neighbours who does theirs?

ScareyCaligulaCorday · 04/10/2006 14:28

Well, I guess you could say to him "I'm not willing to pay you for this standard. You can either choose to deal with cobwebs and corners, or next time will be the last."

Then at least I suppose you've given him an option

themoon666 · 04/10/2006 14:28

Well, that's the problem.... he IS the only window cleaner for 20 miles around, so it's hardly a buyer's market.

Will have to promised DH a bit more sex or something to do them for me. I hate going up ladders

OP posts:
themoon666 · 04/10/2006 14:30

ScaryCaligua - I will say that to him next time if I see him. Trouble is he turns up when I'm at work. I think I will just leave the gates locked next time so he cannot do them any way.

OP posts:
southeastastralplain · 04/10/2006 14:36

aw give him one more chance moon go on

ScareyCaligulaCorday · 04/10/2006 14:37

Honestly, what your area needs is an influx of Polish window cleaners. That'd buck his ideas up.

CountessDracula · 04/10/2006 14:37

god no bin him now he sounds like a lazy sod

my windows are filthy cos the bloody window cleaner wouldn't come in last time as he hadn't had chickenpox and dd had them

Bucketsofbloodydinosaurs · 04/10/2006 19:17

What a great icebreaker with the locals though eh? I bet they all hate him, don't give him another penny.
Are there no big window cleaning companies that are prepared to travel? Esp if you had other dissaistfied neighbours. Maybe a gutter cleaning company might do windows too.

theHAUNTEDhazelnut · 04/10/2006 19:51

Sack the window cleaner!!!

I had a window cleaner last year. He charged me £4:50 for 5 windows up stairs and 4 windows down stairs and 2 door wondows. All the PVC was washed as well on all the windows. I only stopped it because I was finding it hard to find the money every 4 weeks when XP2 moved out.
So for £10 and not cleaning the frames is a bit costly!!

Tell your DH he can have £10 to go to the pub with if he cleans the windows for you

Then when he does the windows and get ready to go to the pub, be ready yourself to go with him!

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