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Mank anti-slip bath thing - any suggestions???

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manamana · 02/10/2006 09:45

Hi, WOndered if anyone had any top tips for me. My ds is 13mo, he has mild ecsma (you'd think i'd know how to spell it - doh!) so we don't usually put soap in the bath. His anti-slip mat accumulates brown gunk around the suckers which is really hard to clean off.... at the moment i just scrub it after every bath with a brush but its hard work and i thought if there's an easier way someone on here might know it... (good for the bingo wings tho!)

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TheBlonde · 02/10/2006 09:48

You can usually put them in the washing mc

Blackduck · 02/10/2006 09:48

You can stick some of them in the washing machine...

BettySpaghetti · 02/10/2006 09:52

Ours went gunky/mouldy despite trying to leave it to air dry after every bath, but washing it in the washing machine didn't shift it.

Ended up buying a new one (only £2.49 from Argos)

EnidMyers · 02/10/2006 09:54

throw it away and buy another one

merrily · 02/10/2006 09:59

try soaking in a strong solution of Soda Crystals for a few hours - I find that gets rid of most gunk! (obviously need to rinse thoroughly before using again)

manamana · 02/10/2006 10:09

cheers - will give it a go in the washing machine - hadn't thought of that. Merrily, what are soda crystals and where do you get them - would they work for his bath toys, they get scummy too, i have a net to keep them in but they still get slimy after a while and i just add them to the pile of washing up.

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