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Help!!! Why is all the food in my fridge frozen???

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moomooland · 28/09/2006 11:01

Anyone know why the temp in our "american-style" fridge has suddenly dropped without the control being adjusted??

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KJSW · 28/09/2006 11:02

had the door been left open slightly?

PinkTulips · 28/09/2006 11:03

lol, mine isn't an american style but i find if it get very empty, suddenly everything freezes. very annoying. i have to adjust the temp control throughout the week as the weekly shop gets eaten

Lucybug · 28/09/2006 11:05

I always thought that happened when the outside temp dropped. Our fridge seems to get colder as the house gets colder ( or is that just me being dim!)

Twiglett · 28/09/2006 11:05

if its like mine the controls for temp will be on the outside

just within reach of small children's fingers

moomooland · 28/09/2006 11:12

How much should I increase the temp? Switched it from 4 to 6 degrees c last night but veg still frozen solid!! Alarm didn't go off so don't think door was left open. Can't bear thought of getting engineer out as blinking thing only few weeks out of guarantee (typical)

OP posts:
waterfalls · 28/09/2006 11:13

Dont they get colder the more the fridge is full?

LadyTophamHatt · 28/09/2006 11:16

mine does this sometimes too, although not everything ets frozen, just odd bits and bobs.

the most recent episode always result in the iceberg lettuce being frozen which I thought was rather amusing.

moomooland · 28/09/2006 11:17

Lol re lettuce!!!

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