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Colour Run Help!

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bubbaloo · 24/09/2006 11:43

I bought a lovely black and white top in the week,wore it yesterday and very stupidly washed it this morning with a dark pair of jeans.
The white circles on the top are now a yucky shade of grey and wondered if anyone knew of anything on the market that would bring the whiteness back,as I'm off to the supermarket later on today.


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alexsmum · 24/09/2006 11:48

i think there is a colour run remover for coloured will be with the special laundry stuff. think it's by dylon.

Bucketsofdinosaurs · 24/09/2006 11:50

Colour catchers often do the job after an accident and to rewash the jeans again, they're on the stainremover shelf and you just pop them in the drum.

bran · 24/09/2006 11:54

Glo care do a colour run rescue thing . I've never tried the colour catchers as a rescue, but I always use on in a coloured wash and never had a disaster.

bubbaloo · 24/09/2006 12:18

Thanks Ladies-I'll have a look when I go shopping shortly.That Glo care one looks like it might do the job.
At least I know my top isn't totally ruined(hopefully).

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