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descaling steam generator iron

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marz · 22/09/2006 09:48

It's a tefal....and I need to descale, the iron is dripping and holes are def blocked. I DO rinse tank every couple of months. (infact, only had it a about 6 months!) How do I descale? Not sure about putting a descaler into tank....but need to do the plate...please help!

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marz · 22/09/2006 14:46


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Piffle · 22/09/2006 15:03

ring tefal customer care line,
A new iron of that type should NOT scale surely?

alibobble · 22/09/2006 20:17

Dunno if it's ok with your iron but oust mltipurpose descaler worked a treat with my iron. Lived in Leicester then and water is awful. If you don't filter it, the kettle scales up in a week. Have moved now but would still recoment it. Also, my mum's tip is use tesco value bottled water or filtered water in the iron to stop it clogging up in th e first place.

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