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Sectioned dirty linen bins

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Bucketsofdinosaurs · 22/09/2006 08:49

Anyone recommend one? Seen a nice one?
Once we've dismantled our shower and partition (hiding horrid spidery space where the hot water tank was) we'll have a bit more room in our bathroom. I need need need at least one wall cabinet but I also fancy a new dirty linen bin/basket with 2 or 3 sections for sorting whites/colours/delicates. Ideally something you can also sit on but not essential.

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Skribble · 22/09/2006 09:19

Argos 2 section.
3 section i had this one the material burst eventually as I moved it about and over filled it, would be fine if left in on place and now crammed.

Skribble · 22/09/2006 09:19

Not crammed that is

Beccarolloveragain · 22/09/2006 09:27

Triple laundry sorter

I have the triple laundry sorter from next in top left hand corner.

Its great and good if your doing flylady as each compartment is about a load so I do whichever one is full each day.

alibobble · 22/09/2006 20:20

I have the argos triple one. Mine has started to tear a bit but I do tend to over stuff it! Is great though and would recommend it. Check measuremnts tho as not easy to squah into a corner!

Skribble · 22/09/2006 22:17

If you are doing fly lady you should nevr have enough laundry to need a triple one .

Bucketsofdinosaurs · 23/09/2006 11:15

Yeah but Flylady doesn't wash nappies, that's 3 extra loads a week. I do one or two loads a day anyway and I don't even change the bedlinen every week
Not so keen on those trolley-style ones, they're a bit hospital-y. Looking for something a bit sturdier.

OP posts:
Skribble · 23/09/2006 22:54

Thats true, as for bedding I decided to do it week about, kids one week and ours the next. Once a fortnight is better than once in a blue moon, plus none of us are leaking, drooling or puking at the moment .

I bought one of the pink cancer charity shopping totes from asda for upstairs laundry collection, I might get another for the bathroom too. I might even get some for my shopping as they are only 70p and very handy.

Bucketsofdinosaurs · 24/09/2006 11:08

LOL I have a large collection of cotton shopping bags from various good causes (the Bookstart ones are the best). Met up with my gang of cloth nappy fetishists Friday night and 3 of us had identical 'handbags' from an environmental festival we worked at. We couldn't decide whether to be embarrassed or proud.

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