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Could you please not clean your windows so often?!

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SSSandy · 19/09/2006 07:53

Just watched the woman across the way cleaning her windows AGAIN. She always gives me a wave but she really gets me down. She does it maybe once a month and I really hardly ever get round to it. I remember the last time I saw her at it, I thought ooh, I'll have to do the windows sometime - and here she is doing it again.

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Flamesparrow · 19/09/2006 08:04
tamsino · 19/09/2006 08:16

lol. mine are covered in little girl fingerprints.

nailpolish · 19/09/2006 08:17

inside or outside?

Bucketsofdinosaurs · 19/09/2006 08:58

I did my kitchen ones both sides the other week, don't plan to redo them for at least a year. Will leave the music room window until the enormous spider has moved on from it (what's the lifespan of a spider?). Not sure about the front as there's too much shrubbery, will save up for a proper windowcleaner to do that one with the upstairs ones.

tamsino · 19/09/2006 09:04

nailpolish - inside. she uses her step stool to reach the window and sticks her head out if it is open to shout at the neighbours. if it is shut she smears her fingers all over the window to create patterns

outside gets cleaned once a month and for the last 3 i have thought 'i must do those windows'

Bucketsofdinosaurs · 19/09/2006 09:06

She is clearly a nutcase, don't catch her eye or engage her in any way.

tamsino · 19/09/2006 09:07

just to clarify i was talking about my daughter and not SSSandy's neighbour

Stargazer · 19/09/2006 09:08

Well I've never cleaned the windows at my house - I leave that to the window cleaner !! And he only does the outside - about every 5 weeks - the inside have lots of little fingers on them. Hey ho, back to the studying.

DontlookatmeImshy · 19/09/2006 09:13

Has she nothing better to do

As for the spider,it's probably nesting. Get rid of it now or you'll wake up one morning and there'll be hundreds of the little buggers allover theplace.

I speak from horrible experience

nailpolish · 19/09/2006 09:33

she is using the 'window cleaning' as a thin disguise to be self appointed neighbourhood watch

IOW nosy neighbour

moondog · 19/09/2006 09:36

I cleaned my neighbour's front window once,when i lived in a terrace,as it was pissing me off so much.

He never noticed,as he spends his days in a fug or marijuana and Claret.

Skribble · 19/09/2006 10:05

I cleaned my upstairs landing widow yesterday, the out side of it was black with muck and webs. Was just a quick wipe over but at least it looks better from the road, never realised how bad it looked . Downstairs ones are hard to get to with out balancing on a plastic grden chair in the flower bed.

charliecat · 19/09/2006 10:07

Only the nosy neighbours clean thier windows that much. My window cleaning neighbour starts her sentences with..."Ive noticed you..." or "I see that......."
Etc etc. Her whole life revolves round knowing everyone elses business.

Skribble · 19/09/2006 10:09

I decided to do a bit of weeding while waiting for the kids to appear from school. Neighbour smiled and said hello and then said "Good to see you doing that, you were letting the side down"

What is it like the home guard or something, its all full of crisp packets again anyway, hides the weeds.

SSSandy · 19/09/2006 10:38

Thanks for keeping me on MN and away from my windows ladies!

I was thinking about chatting to her, you know looking very concerned, along the lines: I was wondering what you use to clean your windows, I've noticed they're always a bit streaked.

OP posts:
SSSandy · 19/09/2006 10:38

steaky perhaps?

OP posts:
SSSandy · 19/09/2006 10:45

stReakY arghh - third time lucky

OP posts:
JosephineSmith · 19/09/2006 11:00

ROFL We moved here in may, and since then i have cleaned sliding doors to play room and the doors to the garden two times (finger prints and grime) and kitchen window once. Will be a miracle if i ever do any of the others.

I bet that spider will die there and be there until you hoover it up. There was a huge one in the baby bath in the shed, big enough almost to step out (lol) and i left him and left him, thinking he will be gone next time, 3 months later, he is still in there, decomposing!

Bucketsofdinosaurs · 19/09/2006 11:52

Mmmmm ... marijuana claret fug.... Do Glade do anything in that fragrance?

PiratesHaveCheesyFeet · 19/09/2006 12:09

We have self cleaning glass in our windows. And it works.

tamsino · 19/09/2006 14:46

i have just done my downstairs windows. and mirrors.....BECAUSE of this thread.

MadamePlatypus · 19/09/2006 15:04

I deliberately don't clean the full length glass door in the kitchen. What if I cleaned it too well and somebody walked through it not realising it was there? Far safer to leave it.

Bucketsofdinosaurs · 19/09/2006 20:10

Oh that's a good one MmeP, I don't want to be responsible for birds knocking themselves unconscious .
Actually that happened once at our old house on our patio doors - it left this amazing Turin Shroud impression which was too much of a conversation piece to wash off. So we just moved LOL

rustybear · 19/09/2006 20:54

We had three pigeons kill themselves on our patio doors in the first few weeks we lived here - in fact the first one was there on the patio the day we moved in. The windows must have been really bright & shiny.
Oddly enough it never happens anymore....

SSSandy · 20/09/2006 13:19

Did them this morning at 8.30 am (finally) Bet it rains tonight

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