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Tea leaves in your socks

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Lucybug · 18/09/2006 13:56

Has anyone tried Antheas tea leaves trick? I have and it is brill! I put some in the bottom of a sock, added lemongrass oil....(seem to be slightly addicted to lemongrass!!! I put one in my sock draw, one in the airing cupboard and one in the DH shoe in the shoe cupboard. very nice kind of musty lemon smell! is supposed to absorb nasty odours (even though the airing cupboard and the sock draw are clean) anyone else tried it?

OP posts:
MuckyAnthea · 18/09/2006 14:01

ooh a new tip a'la Queen Anthea.
I will get stuffing tea leaves asap.

JackieNo · 18/09/2006 14:02

Ah - you've got the name-changing bug now, haven't you MuckyAnthea?

MuckyAnthea · 20/09/2006 01:50

With the tea leaves, can you just empty a few tea bags into the sock, how much do you need and how drops of oil did you use? I only have tea bags or proper green tea leaves.

Lucybug · 20/09/2006 09:43

umm not sure about the tea bags...can't see why not though. I bought a packet of tea leaves from the supermarket( I put a handful in each sock), Tea bags should do the same thing I guess, try it and let me know ...I might try it when I redo them. I did find I had to put 3-4 good shakes of oil in...although Anthea only put a quick shake in when she did it on telly....I think it is just supposed to absorb odours rather than smell nice....but I quite liked the smell!

OP posts:
multitasker · 20/09/2006 10:06

Does she suggest any other oils or is it only lemongrass?

collision · 20/09/2006 10:07

mmmm will use new emoticon here!!

Lucybug · 21/09/2006 14:27

Oh, I don't know that Anthea used lemongrass....just my personal preference. I guess you can use whatever tickles your nose buds!
Infact she said to use a few sprinkles of your favorite essential oil

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 21/09/2006 14:29

I use my old breastpads. Drop some lavender oil on, put in wardrobe and drawers and voila, instant fragrance.

Lucybug · 21/09/2006 14:34

ahh good tip! less mess! but it won't absorb bad odours too. Tea leaves must soak up the smells.

OP posts:
PrettyCandles · 21/09/2006 14:38

From the title I thought that this was a new way to prevent smelly feet - wearing tealeaves in your socks.

Might work, anyway...

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