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I made the most fantastic room freshner/body spray today, it's just gorgeous!

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Megglevache · 16/09/2006 21:11

Message withdrawn

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nearlythree · 16/09/2006 21:15

Nice! And presumably you could tweak the recipe to make a spray for when viruses are about (essential in this house...)

Megglevache · 16/09/2006 21:18

Message withdrawn

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Pruni · 16/09/2006 21:21

Message withdrawn

Megglevache · 16/09/2006 21:22

Message withdrawn

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Skribble · 16/09/2006 21:24

What quanties of vodka/ water I have loads of vodka and I am not that keen on it.

BettySpaghetti · 16/09/2006 21:24

How much water/vodka do you use as a base?

Skribble · 16/09/2006 21:25

Ha ha jinx

Megglevache · 16/09/2006 21:32

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
BettySpaghetti · 16/09/2006 21:35

Don't say that as I'm crap at cooking

nearlythree · 16/09/2006 21:44

I did the rain water/ rosepetal thing too...obviously a woman after my own heart!

PanicPants · 16/09/2006 22:07

I too did the rose petal thing and was ALWAYS disappointed!

Megglevache · 17/09/2006 10:38

Message withdrawn

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