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what colour walls to go with blue carpet

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pookey · 14/09/2006 08:33

Hi any tips, I got how not to decorate for 99p but wasnt v helpful and all their painting nonos were on the crown website as the new trends . The hall way carpet is a dark royal blue and we painted it two shades of white well three including woodwork, but was lilac and yellow before . We are now tackling the dinning room (well study, play room, family room) which is magnolia with a slightly paler blue carpet. The kitchen is off the dinning room so wont to paint it a "complementory" colour. DP fancies white in the dinning room and blue in the kitchen wadda ya reckon? which shades to go for is another dilema!

OP posts:
sassy · 14/09/2006 08:44

I'd do gold in dining room I think, warmer than white.

noddyholder · 14/09/2006 08:57

A stone/mushroom colour looks really elegant with blue and white

pookey · 14/09/2006 09:17

I like the idea of a goldy colur but Dp pulled a face! I thinkj ust white is a bit boring maybe I could have a stoney colur in the alchoves but still have a blue in the kitchen? only prob is the worktops and tiles are a bluey grey ...

OP posts:
Sherbert37 · 14/09/2006 09:24

Funny that, I have my hall being decorated as I type - dark blue carpet and stone/mushroom colour walls. Glad we'll be 'elegant'!

throckenholt · 14/09/2006 09:27

a pale yellow goes well with blue - definitely not combined with lilac though !

Cappuccino · 14/09/2006 09:44

if you've got two shades of blue carpet and blueygrey tiles I wouldn't introduce another blue

but that's just me

SoupDragon · 14/09/2006 09:49

Pale yellow. I've painted my living room in "Pale Damask" from Crown's neutral range. It looks lovely with the blue sofas and white curtains. Bright (but not too bright!) and warm.

bundle · 14/09/2006 09:52

I love that kind of vanillary, pale creamish colour

pookey · 14/09/2006 10:28

Cap, deep down I think your right about the blue but really wanted to try and make it work! Dp is anti any kind of yellow at the mo.

OP posts:
desperateSCOUSEwife · 14/09/2006 10:31

very pale yellow
and a pale blue too

also depends whether you want the room to be warm or cool
as if you want it to be warm go for the yellow

EmsTomot · 14/09/2006 11:15

Haven't read the entire thread but think I get the drift. There is a lovely colour called Natural Wicker in B&Q - it is really warm, possibly best described as a cream with a hint of yellow - natural, like a sand. There are lots in the range as well, might be worth a sniff.

Bucketsofdinosaurs · 14/09/2006 13:04

How about sugared almond pastel colours if you've got pale tiles and worktop, very trendy right now in kitchenware. You could have accents of pink, mint, pale yellow, baby blue everywhere (Goes best with cream woodwork and units than pure white). Would be nice with light blue carpet and fifties style bits and bobs.

pookey · 14/09/2006 19:16

Hmmm quite like the idea of painting the woodwork another colour perhaps lightish browny colour but there are PVC windows so not sure it will work as well as if just woodwork. Sugar almond sounds like a yummy colour where is it from Buckets of dinasors? Thanks ems tot B&Q is quite far and cant drive but sounds like it might be worth a bus journey.

OP posts:
Tinker · 14/09/2006 19:24

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southeastastra · 14/09/2006 19:27

grey colour walls?

PrettyCandles · 14/09/2006 19:30

I wouldn't go for blue with blue, personally. We've had yellow, orange, peach and pink with a hint of lilac to it with blue carpets (though not all in the same room, obviously) The yellow, peach and pink worked best, the orange so-so.

thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat · 14/09/2006 19:35

I aagree with noddy holder - stone/mushroom and blue is one of my favourite combinations

Blu · 14/09/2006 19:38

I was going to say Mushroom. Or a rich pale cream -Kelly Hoppen range have some gorgeous ones (available in John Lewis)
Bucket ful's idea is great - if you are good at that sort of thing.

pookey · 14/09/2006 19:38

Well because I have a one year old thought I might as well keep the carpet for a while then we will get wooden floors, have to repaint because of a coffee explosion in the kitchen - all over the walls and ceiling! DP is very fussy and although I think cream woodwork and pink walls would be great dont think it is going to get the goahead - cream and a green shade might be ok but would be difficult to get something to match the darned carpet!P rettycandles i was contemplating an orange feature wall - thought they were meant to go, so thanks for that.

OP posts:
pookey · 14/09/2006 19:39

Oh no blu I was in JL today didnt even occur to me they sell paint!!

OP posts:
Bucketsofdinosaurs · 15/09/2006 15:37

LOL re sugared almonds, I meant the colours they come in - the pink, mint/pistachio, lemon, baby blue. Turn your kitchen/lounge into an ice cream parlour kind of thing.

Bucketsofdinosaurs · 15/09/2006 15:41

Think in terms of 'complimenting' the carpet, not 'matching' it.
'Coffee explosion' has inspired me! Cream woodwork, and each wall a different shade of beige or brown with the most unusual-shaped one quite dark or textured as a feature wall. Think words like cappuccino, mocha, espresso. Midblue carpet would become quite neutral in those circumstances and when you do the floorboards it'll look even better.

pookey · 16/09/2006 16:41

Still havent bought paint, DP is getting very cynical and thinks I will never choose and has named himself pontius pilate cos he is washing his hands of the whole thing. Went to John Lewis again but was too expensive, they only had sanderson and morris &co paint. It is going to have to be dulux as there is no way dp is going to be persuaded to go to B&Q after all this, ah well at least my dad thinks dulux is posh paint.

Love the colour scheme you have suggested BOD. DP is visually impaired and thinks dark in the kitchen and light in the main room would be best for him. What about Velvet truffle 6 (cream, is that a cop out?) as the main colour in the dining room, Velvet truffle 5 (warm browny colour) in the alchoves and velvet truffle 4 in the kitchen and chimney breast. Please suggest other colours I could always ring up other companies for a swatch and get a dulux copy locally.

DP doesnt want me to paint the woodwork he reckons it is a nightmare to do and would take me a month - we have 3 doors and a door way that would need painting as well as skirting board and a really cheap coving scenario (would that be included with woodwork?) is it really that awful to do as I have well and truly been converted to painting it another colour.

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