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what is the best way to clean wee off a carpet?

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tamsino · 13/09/2006 08:57

My DD has started weeing in the baby's room. Due in Dec and up to now she's been great - very excited. But every day this week she has weed in there.

I've tried water & dettol spray, baby wipes, and also vanish but i'm not too impressed. any tips welcome....

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Cappuccino · 13/09/2006 09:07

trick is to catch it as soon as you can and dilute with lots of water and mop up

splash of white vinegar in the water might help

EmsTomot · 13/09/2006 09:11

Our baby boy has a habit of catching us out when we change him and there is one spot near the change mat on the carpet that is suffering - my hubby went out and bought some pet stain mousse for the carpet - it seems to have lifted what would have been a stain and also takes away the odour.

tamsino · 15/09/2006 10:34


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