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Can't seem to shine my white sink?!

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scaryt · 10/09/2006 22:09

Am trying to be a good flybaby but my white sink won't co-operate. It's got black marks all over and bleach won't touch them.

Please help . . . I want a shiny sink too!

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Skribble · 10/09/2006 22:18

He He thats why I didn't even get started with Flybloodylady. I fill sink with hot water and bleach but you say you have tried that what about denture tablets.

scaryt · 10/09/2006 22:38

what on earth do they put in denture tablets that it can shine my sink . . .

OP posts:
twocatsonthebed · 10/09/2006 22:48

I too have vile white sink which is bane of my life. Hate it.

What works for me is firstly good scrub with Barmans's Friend (like some kind of modern Vim as far as I can tell, and in Sainsburys), then the bleach - small amount left in for a couple of hours/overnight while I bleach the cloths. It still doesn't look perfect, and it's certainly never going to shine, but it does look better...

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