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Oven/hob shields and locks

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AllieM · 04/09/2006 10:30

Hi there,

I need to get some kind of protector or screen for my hob and also something to stop DS opening the oven door when it's on! I inherited a Smeg range cooker thing when we moved in and it's wider than the standard oven; does anyone have any experience of these kind of oven safety gadgets (or indeed advice on where to get ones that fit Smeg ovens!)

Thank you v. much

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fussymummy · 05/09/2006 02:04

Haven't got a clue about this one i'm afraid.

Only thing i can suggest, is to fit a stair gate to your kitchen doorway to stop your son getting in the kitchen.

That's what i did, as i hate kids in the kitchen.
Far too dangerous.

tamsino · 05/09/2006 08:35 has a hobguard for £10.99 and mothercare is £14.99. I used one for about a year with my DD and it really helped. They are extendable so should fit most width ovens.

Not sure about a door catch though.

AllieM · 05/09/2006 15:37

Thanks for the tips - will look into the ICBABY site and also think about a stairgate - good idea!


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