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folks, can you help me find a nice spice rack, with empty jars PLEASE dh is ddriving me bonkers

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nailpolish · 01/09/2006 12:28

i need at least 20 decent spice jars, doesnt really have to be in a rack, cos itll be going in the cupboard, but good jars, good lids. not too big or small. and the jars need to be empty!

not expensive either


i just cant find ANY online or anywhere, and dh has all these spices lying around in open boxes, spilling in my cupboards!

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sugarfree · 01/09/2006 12:33


nailpolish · 01/09/2006 12:34

oh, never thought of ikea, thanks

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JanH · 01/09/2006 12:36

Put the open boxes into a sealed plastic bag temporarily, buy full jars from Sainsburys or somewhere (they come with pourers and have airtight lids) and top them up from the boxes as they get empty.

I have a spice rack and am about to ditch it for jars in cupboard, it's just clutter and it and the jars get sticky.

JackieNo · 01/09/2006 12:37

Expensive one from John Lewis or cheaper idea, just buy some of these?

nailpolish · 01/09/2006 12:38

dh makes his own spices, you see, and the boxes are the unground bits

sorry, prob makes no sense

i need small empty jars, at least 20, not bothered about an actual rack

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JanH · 01/09/2006 12:39

Ohhhh - Jackie's Lakeland boxes look good then!

nailpolish · 01/09/2006 12:39

ive seen that john lewis one, its really nice, so is the price at £49!

i hadnt thought of little tupperware, thats a great idea jackie. will keep things fresh guaranteed too

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JanH · 01/09/2006 12:42

Small glass jars here

redsky · 01/09/2006 12:43

I bought some nice ones in IKEA just yesterday!! Nice, glass, dumpy, bit old fashioned like smaller version of traditional sweetie jar - and no silly rack. They also had a big storage jar the same and a dinky middle sized one.

nailpolish · 01/09/2006 12:44

htanks jan

ive shown dh the plastic containers and hte glass jars, he cant decide now!

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SaintGeorgeMarple · 01/09/2006 12:45

Spices are best kept in tins.

Nice selection of assorted ones for both the ground result and pre-ground spices here

nailpolish · 01/09/2006 12:47

why are tins best?

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nailpolish · 01/09/2006 12:48

oh isee the link, thanks

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JanH · 01/09/2006 12:50

Have just discovered that lids for jars are extra, if that makes any difference to his choice!

StG's tins are lovely but the minitins are out of stock

nailpolish · 01/09/2006 12:51

yes, i really like the tins too

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JackieNo · 01/09/2006 12:52

Spoilt for choice now, eh. I like the tins too.

SaintGeorgeMarple · 01/09/2006 12:53

If you google spice tins there are loads of stockists.

Glass jars are ok if you intend to store in a cupboard.

Most people make the mistake of using a spice rack that looks lovely on the worktop, but ruins your herbs/spices because they are exposed to light.

nailpolish · 01/09/2006 12:53

TOTALLY spoilt for choice

ill leave it up to dh, thanks folks x

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nailpolish · 01/09/2006 12:54

gosh yes there are loads if you google spice tins!

i was googling the wrong thing

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