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wooden floors - shiny but not lethal !

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NotAnOtter · 31/08/2006 10:43

How do I achieve this - a lot of my ground floor is oak pre finished stuff but it never seems to shine . If it is polished its lethal so what could I use to get a (quick and easy) happy medium?

OP posts:
lilymolly · 01/09/2006 10:07

We have solid oak floor, which has been oiled- it will Never shine cos of the finish with oil- if you want a shine finish you may need it to be laquered I think- We use trip trap wood cleaner which gets floor clean. I have used furniture polish on the odd occasion to wipe up spills but makes floor lethal to walk on!
Maybe call in to see a wood shop and ask advice.

JackieNo · 01/09/2006 10:16

Seen this at Lakeland (where else) - might be worth a try? No idea if it works though...

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