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Could we have a quick fly summary

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seb1 · 29/08/2006 10:34

I am trying to get into this but by the time I read all the threads there will be no time for housework. So can we have a brief idea of what it is all about.

OP posts:
PandaG · 29/08/2006 10:53

I'd be interested too. Do you guys really polish your sink last thing at night?

Cappuccino · 29/08/2006 10:57

I agree that the threads are long. Ironic really since a lot of the loooong threads are taken up by us moaning about the looong emails we get

we do polish our sinks every night yes, but since they are already pretty damn good by now they only need a quick wipe

there's nothing I can tell you that a half-hour cup of tea with the flyster herself won't fix

JessaJam · 29/08/2006 10:58

The idea is that this somewhat crazed sounding, slightly evangelical, woman gives you a simple, baby steps routine to take bite sized chunks out of your housework. Ideal if you tend towards standing in the middle of the midden and just looking around you in horror trying to work out where to start and whether you actually have 12 whole days free in which to tackle it!

PandaG · 29/08/2006 11:04

thanks for replies I really like the idea of being told what to do, and little by little getting on top of the housework. Do find the idea of polishing the sink every day a bit bizarre though, I am not particularly bothered by it - give it a good clean once a week or so and that is it, don't want to fail at the first hurdle!

Cappuccino · 29/08/2006 11:12

Panda I've found that though I thought cleaning the sink was the first thing I'd drop, it does actually help! It makes you clear the kitchen up a bit; and then when you get up in the morning it's easier to deal with. Also it's a shiny thing in the middle of the ruinous terror when everything goes a bit sh*t-shaped so it reminds you that you can do at least something right

JessaJam · 29/08/2006 11:15

"a shiny thing in the middle of ruinous terror" - so so so true!

PandaG · 29/08/2006 11:21


well, I have signed up, and already the flood of emails are arriving, so I better go and read them

Cappuccino · 29/08/2006 11:22

will you be joining us on the looonnng thread!

cos by god, we don't have time for two

deegward · 29/08/2006 11:29

Done kelly's task, and found £1, Ok not much, but now settee and chairs are hoovered and cleaned, and there is nothing in room which doesn't belong

Can't put a load on as waiting for washing machine repair man to come....may need to go to laundrette

PandaG · 29/08/2006 11:38

Will join the long thread then. Seb - you started this thread, are you going to do it too? Thanks for starting it by the way, I had been meaning to investigate flylady further and this has meant I have taken the plunge!

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