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Mouldy Basket!!

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JessaJam · 23/08/2006 20:07

I have a basket, not wicker, 'softer' than that, bit like a woven version of those big rubbery buckets you can get...anyway...I was going to line it with plastic so I could use it to cart the wet washing up stairs to be hung out. Before i got round to lining it, I started to use it, and now (inevitably) it has mould inside from having damp clothes sat against it...

how can I get rid of the mould? It is yukky black stainy stuff.

I promise I will line the f-ing thing if it can be saved!

OP posts:
shazronnie · 24/08/2006 15:26

I think white vinegar is quite good for mould renewal, and will not harm the basket.
Try spraying it with vinegar, leaving for 10 mins or so then wiping with cloth.

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