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Help - Mould on DD's fave t-shirt

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wangle99 · 21/08/2006 13:44

Help! DD's prize t-shirt from her school production has come out of the wash with mould on it. Can only presume someone put something wet into the laundry bin and it say there for a while.

How can I get this out?

OP posts:
wangle99 · 21/08/2006 13:45

sat there for a while. Can't type today!

OP posts:
hockeymum · 22/08/2006 10:27

bump - cos I've got mould on dd's sun suit by not washing it straight after a beach holiday and I need to know what to do with that too!

LucyLemon · 29/08/2006 09:56


I was the awful mother who left her dds vomit covered Snow White dress in the car over the weekend. It was reeeeaaaallly mouldy.
So, Oxi-Clean was recommended to me and it works. Am still so pleased and little dd is ever so happy to have her dress back.

It's called The Original Oxi-Clean (available from all good supermarkets) and I made quite a strong solution and left the dress in it over night. Absolutely spotless now....although has faded a teensy bit. but then maybe my solution was a little too strong.

Good luck!

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