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Who want's to do a mumsnet cleaning session??

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littlemissbossy · 17/08/2006 14:04

House is a tip
Please someone give me a kick up the ar$e to get my house sorted out
Does anyone want to join me??? I need the help of Anthea

OP posts:
AmandaP · 17/08/2006 14:06

Join us on the Flybabies thread! The more the merrier......

desperateSCOUSEwife · 17/08/2006 14:06

thats why i never come on mn till it is all done

I make that my motto
housework first/mumsnet

littlemissbossy · 17/08/2006 14:09

dsw - no one likes a show-off

OP posts:
desperateSCOUSEwife · 17/08/2006 14:12

not showing off lmb
have learnt over the years of mnetting
as used to get crap off dh and kids
for untidy home and no scran(food)

now it is all done i dont get the crap

littlemissbossy · 17/08/2006 14:15

dsw - very sensible
thing is over the years I have learnt to ignore dh and shop on-line LOL

I AM going to clean my house NOW and I WILL keep off mn until it is clean ... so I'll be back in about 2 years

OP posts:
desperateSCOUSEwife · 17/08/2006 14:17

lmb good on you for ignoring him
I cant as he has an irritating moan plus he was losing weight LOL at that time
He only got fed on payday the poor love

I will lend you a virtual hand

littlemissbossy · 17/08/2006 14:52

ok in just over half an hour I have
emptied and reloaded dishwasher
hung washing out and put another load in
swept the kitchen floor
wiped all kitchen worksurfaces and oven [yuk]
tidied, dusted and vac'd sitting room

starting hall stairs and landing now - aren't you proud of me dsw?

OP posts:
desperateSCOUSEwife · 17/08/2006 14:55

ooeerrr look whos showing off now

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