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What sort of Kitchen taps are the very best ones to have??

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Beetroot · 17/08/2006 10:55

Mixer obviously but woud like to have ideas as am gutting kitchen ...

OP posts:
Waswondering · 17/08/2006 11:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CountessDracula · 17/08/2006 11:03

Perrin & Rowe make gorgeous taps

You can get monobloc ie where there is only one inlet and it is mixed behing the scenes or the other one where the hot and cold both come out and are then mixed

we have this one I think and I cannot recommend the hose thingy highly enough. Everyone should have one!

CountessDracula · 17/08/2006 11:04

it is called a rinse apparatnly. The hose pulls out and you can squirt round sink to clean, brilliant for washing salad etc and rinsing off big things

CarolinaMao · 17/08/2006 11:06

I used to have a nice franke monoblock mixer with ceramic disc thingies in the taps so they only needed a quarter turn between on and off. Was in brushed steel and v nice.

Those hoses look fab .

CountessDracula · 17/08/2006 11:09

Beety this is what a non-monobloc tap is like

CountessDracula · 17/08/2006 11:10

this is a quarter turn one too

Beetroot · 17/08/2006 11:47

i love your one countess. I think the rinse thing is a brilliant idea.

OP posts:
CountessDracula · 17/08/2006 11:49

Oh good

It is very elegant it looks fab with my black granite and porcelain sink (the handles are white porcelain not black)

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