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Cleaning Converse Allstars

4 replies

swedishmum · 08/08/2006 19:48

Has anyone tried washing them? Dd has got her pale coloured ones pretty messy.

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loujay · 08/08/2006 19:56

I havent got any kids ones in the house but I did wash mine a few weeks ago and they came up great (if a little stiff at first!!)
Just took the laces out and bunged them in on a short wash on their own.

spursmum · 08/08/2006 19:57

I don't notice the dirt on mine but then I have black and blue ones!!! Haven't thought about trying to clean my pink ones though.
Have you thought about in the washing machine on a delicate cycle? Would your dd allow it?
I am resistiing the urge to buy knee high ones though. I love Converse All Stars!!

merrily · 08/08/2006 19:59

I have put mine in washing machine before (got vvv muddy at a festival many years ago) and they came out fine, as Loujay says, just a bit stiff and crunchy at first!

swedishmum · 08/08/2006 20:00

Thanks - will try the washer tomorrow. Dd doesn't have much choice - she's only 2. Her 12yo sis on the other hand doesn't want hers touching! I really want the silver glitter ones but my children say I'm too old.

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