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***HELP*** Permanent Black Marker

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Toady · 08/08/2006 09:14

on my nice new veneered wardrobes. DD2 decided to be artistic with a permanenet marker this morning whilst DH was in the room with her but thats another story. Any tips pleeeeeeease on how to remove it?

Have to go out now but will hopefully come back to lots of tips.


OP posts:
liquidclocks · 08/08/2006 09:22

Test on a small unimportant bit first as may bring colour off veneer but I seem to remember using nail varnish remover/white spirits on this in the past - good luck!

Toady · 08/08/2006 10:21

Thanks liquidclocks, it worked

OP posts:
liquidclocks · 08/08/2006 11:18

Oh good! was worried after posting I would make your new wardrobes look even worse!

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