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Biro scribbles on pale grey leather car seat ?

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wanderingstar · 29/07/2006 19:05

How do I get them off ?
Have tried fairy liquid, gentle rubbing with bicarb/water paste, a spot of bleachy "kitchen power" spray. Not only is it not shifting, but a little spot or 2 of the leather has come away (not v. noticeable, but i don't want to make it worse).


OP posts:
VeniVidiVickiQV · 30/07/2006 12:59

WEt wipes. Work a treat on biro.

littleducks · 30/07/2006 13:48

i got biro on my leather sofa well my dh did and the leather care specialist who came to fill a scartch recommended that i just leave it to wear away gradually only rubbing the mark with my fingers as products ruin thhe leather, i was a bit sceptical but 8 weeks later its gone. So if its not too large you could try that or he did say that the i should clean sofa periodically with baby wipes as their not too harsh. I think the rule he applied is that leather is skin so you shouldnt use anything to clean it that you wouldnt use on your skin. Hope that helps.

miggy · 30/07/2006 13:56

hairspray is supposed to work!

shazronnie · 01/08/2006 22:45

hairspray got biro off my best pink leather jacket!

anthonykiedisbitontheside · 01/08/2006 22:49

I got his to get ink off my leather couch

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