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Blood stains on mattress - how to get rid?

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Racers · 26/07/2006 09:12

Yuk, what can I do?

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Spagblog · 26/07/2006 09:23

Nothing, in my experience.
I hope someone has a miracle spot removal system I can try.

expatinscotland · 26/07/2006 09:41

steam cleaner or rug doctor thingy.

themoon66 · 26/07/2006 09:42

I would love to know the answer to this one too. I've got expensive nearly new pillows and mattress with big blood stains coz DS gets mega nose bleeds in the night. Tried washing the pillows, but they still look horrible.

Racers · 26/07/2006 09:52

oh dear it isn't looking too hopeful is it? what is a rug doctor?

OP posts:
Spagblog · 26/07/2006 10:05

My steam cleaner didn't work

neena28 · 26/07/2006 10:09

I was always told that heat of any type sets blood fast whereas soaking in cold water then washing on a cool wash was much better. Has always worked for me.

Think if you have already washed it with anything hot or really warm it might be a bit of a lost cause, sorry.

themoon66 · 26/07/2006 10:13

Buy mattress cover?

FullOfTestosterone · 26/07/2006 10:18

Have you tried any of those "magical" small bottles from the supermarket?
You know what I mean? they are tiny, and very colorful, and is a separtae (and very expensive) bottle for a separate type of stain? I have resort to them to clean a huge pen ink stain once, and to remove some set on tomato stain another time. Maybe worth a try?

themoon66 · 26/07/2006 10:25

Oh yes... Stain Devils. Good on clothes as you can soak them, then put in washer. But a mattress is a different story.

ks · 26/07/2006 10:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Bugsy2 · 26/07/2006 10:34

If you've used a steam cleaner on it, I hate to tell you that it will never come out. You should never use hot water on protein based stains as it "sets" the stain.
Blood should always be washed out with as cold water as possible, preferably icy. Cold water & vanish is really effective on blood, but I'm afraid it won't work if you have steam cleaned the mattress.

FullOfTestosterone · 26/07/2006 10:34

That's it! Stain Devils!
The ink stain I got out was from a sofa.
It was a PITA! But if you hag lots of rags, you just keep working the magic stuff, and sucking it up with rags.

Bozza · 26/07/2006 10:37

I would try cold water and ace. Although I found it slightly rotted the mattress.

Racers · 26/07/2006 10:39

Haven't touched it yet, so will try icy cold water, thanks. We have a mattress cover, but as we took it off recently for a wash and didnt' put it back on as realised it might be making us even more hot! I think this would have soaked right through anyway. But at least we can cover it up, because i can't imagine I'll get it all out. Also, can turn the mattress, I guess!
Thanks everyone

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