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Look, I know this is gross but just HOW do you get a, ahem, floater to go down?!?

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Enid · 25/07/2006 09:55

Because they keep appearing in my downstairs loo. Have flushed this baby about four times but no luck.

I am NOT scooping it out.

Short of insisting dd2 only EVER goes upstairs to do a poo, is there a failsafe method?

OP posts:
hub2dee · 25/07/2006 10:43

Doesn't everyone have a cheap / secondhand hand blender they use for this purpose ?

Twinkie1 · 25/07/2006 10:44

Floaters are good it means your body is working at optimum digestive capacity and getting it all through quick so its not heavy and dense!!!

Floaters are VILE but hey they are GOOD too!!!

psychomum5 · 25/07/2006 10:54

as a responce to twinkle....I was told the opposite re floaters (that they were BAD.....).

At the rest.....PMSL......just what I needed to brighten the day.

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