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Can we talk porches? What's yours like??

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Legacy · 17/07/2006 21:27

We currently have an outside 'storm porch' i.e. covered bit with two pillar-type things, and then our front door opens directly into the hallway. We are thinking of making the outside bit into a porch. I think it would be about 8ft wide by 3 ft deep.

But we can't decide how we'd want it:

  • brick vs glass vs half&half
  • see thru glass vs frosted
  • door that became main front door, or unlocked and keep 'main' front door

    What would we keep in there? I'd like to move all the coats/ shoes/ umbrellas etc out, but then surely it would look a right mess to people standing outside?

    Please tell me all about your porches, how you use them, what they look like, what you wish you had that was different etc etc.....
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Posey · 17/07/2006 21:30

Sorry just read that as Porsches. Haven't got either

Legacy · 17/07/2006 21:31

Porches - in good housekeeping?? C'mon Posey - keep up, girl....

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SaintGeorge · 17/07/2006 21:33

Brick porch extension. Door is main external door with full length side window taking up remainder of the width. Tile floor.

Old front door replaced with double french doors into lounge (no hall, ours stairs are in lounge). One door kept bolted, only ever opened when getting bulky stuff in/out.

One side of porch has double row of coat hooks - one row at child level. Shoe rack underneath. It is the side away from the window so not immediately visible from outside. Leaves ample room to bring a pram indoors if needed.

I love my porch

Posey · 17/07/2006 21:33

I never look at the section its in, just down active convos and read the title
Sorry to bother you

Beauregard · 17/07/2006 21:33

havent got one but if i did it would be the most beautiful porch in the world

Katymac · 17/07/2006 21:35

Go for at least one brick wall then you can have coats/shoes on it

If it's all glass you can't store anything

I have lots of brick and lots of storage

southeastastra · 17/07/2006 21:38

this is interesting i have a storm porch too, some of the houses round here have ones that totally do not go with the house, it's quite daunting!

Legacy · 17/07/2006 22:12

(Posey - just teasing )

Yes - I know what you mean SEAstra - there are some hideous ones round here too - all glass with loads of trash visible inside - that's why I'm interested.

I think ours would look OK, as the 'storm porch' bit already has a mini-gable end roof, which mirrors a similar shaped roof over the garage, so all we'd be doing is 'filling in' the area currently supported by the pillars (which I've always hated anyway!)

I think I imagined it to be this perfect storage room, rather like the inside of the storage section of IKEA . Just want to make sure we design it to fulfil this ambition!

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Legacy · 17/07/2006 22:13

Can anyone find me a website with lots of pictures?

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Legacy · 18/07/2006 09:59

Can anyone around at the moment add anything?

Good pieces of furniture for porches?
Frosted vs clear glass?

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Clary · 18/07/2006 10:07

legacy we had a filled in porch when we moved in and immediately opened it up again.
Why? Because the weather was getting to the door and it was rotten.
Because it was a silly space which was totally useless.
Because the main door is not central in the porch so we had an impossible dog leg.
Much better now - it it's raining, kids can dash in and shelter in the storm porch - hence the name.
I realise that this is not what you want to hear, but I have to be honest on MN

mytwopenceworth · 18/07/2006 10:10

ooh, i read it as pouches - i thought bloody hell cod, thats a bit personal, even for you!!

Posey · 18/07/2006 14:08

Porsches, pouches, whatever next! The heat is getting to us

Legacy- I know you were teasing!!!

NomDePlume · 18/07/2006 14:16

I have a vestibule...

Basically there is a doorway with no door, a tiled floor, tiled 'skirting' and white rendered walls, then my front door and a light. It measures about 6ft wide x 4ft deep.

Atm we have a small shoe rack on the left hand side and the other currently houses the beautiful reclaimed Victorian door that DH and I bought last weekend. Just got to get a chippie in to clean it up and fit it into a frame... When the door is on we'll put a load of coat hooks on the right hand side and something a bit more permanent in the way of shoe storage.

Blimey, who knew I had so much to say on this subject ?!

FioFio · 18/07/2006 14:17

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

FioFio · 18/07/2006 14:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Legacy · 18/07/2006 16:37

OK - see here This is exactly the sort of thing I definitely don't want..... I can't help thinking 'why put a chair in there - bet nobody has EVER sat in it'

I;m thinking storage, coats, umbrellas, and not just a glass greenhouse thingey....

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