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Anyone got any toddler friendly tips for getting rid of ants?

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Flossam · 16/07/2006 21:17

Because they are travelling in convoys and have been found in my top cupboards drunk on treacle and infiltrating my sealed packet of french fancies and frankly they aren't welcome anymore.

OP posts:
kid · 16/07/2006 21:22

According to my MIL, ants won't cross a line of chalk.

wilbur · 16/07/2006 21:30

If you can find the nest, a kettle of boiling water can often work.

jessicaandrebeccasmummy · 16/07/2006 21:41

Ant Stop! comes in a spray bottle - lasts up to 3 months.... child safe.

We goti t from B&Q last year when we had an infestation and they were gone immediately.

Moved house, got them again this year - out came the spray - bang - gone!

Fantastic stuff and as I said, on the label it states safe for children and pets.

spots · 16/07/2006 21:48

Pouring vinegar down ant holes is supposed to work. I did it this year and have to say the ant population has dwindled but not immediately after the big pour so am rather baffled.

Flossam · 16/07/2006 22:15

they died a slow painful death spots!! WILL look out for the ant stop J&RM! God knows we go to B and q enough!

OP posts:
Reece · 16/07/2006 22:56

Someone told me talcum powder works as well as Nippon.

Depends on how many ants and nests you have though.

Reece · 16/07/2006 22:58

Oh - also been told washing up liquid in the groove of doorways can keep them away.

chipkid · 16/07/2006 23:13

rentakill were the only answer for my infestations! we have them out every year!

chipkid · 16/07/2006 23:13

rentakill were the only answer for my infestations! we have them out every year!

Reece · 16/07/2006 23:40

Well I have to say we have nests of flying ants at the mo and have had pest control in to do a spray. Its 2 days since the spray and they are still here. How long does it take for them to go?

Didn't get to try my suggestions below as I have too many ants to kill!!!!

FloatingOnTheMed · 17/07/2006 00:33

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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