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anyone overrun by toys???......

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cleaninglady · 15/07/2006 19:44

because i am and its slowly driving me mad!! just had new wardrobe with loads of storage for dd's room and amount of stuff she has just in her room is ridiculous (also have playroom - i need to be ruthless but have taken 2 bin bags to charity shop already - feel like its all getting on top of me know and dreading trying to sort it all - does any child need over 20 cuddly toys??

anyone else fed up?

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Hattie05 · 15/07/2006 19:48

Only 20 cuddly toys? I think dd has thousands!

misdee · 15/07/2006 19:50

yes. i have boxes to sort through tonight and a roll of blackbags.

cleaninglady · 15/07/2006 19:54

should have actually said 20 cuddly toys in one box god knows how many in total - and they are invading all areas even though i try to keep them to one room - i think they come alive at night

what do you do with yours - charity shop some but they are all really good stuff and in nearly new condition but cant be bothered with ebay!

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Dunnyjo · 17/07/2006 11:04

I am exactly the same, totaly over run with toys! The teddys are beging to get me down. They collect so much dust and i know ds does not even play with all his toys and teddies! I keep meaning to get his room sorted out and anything i dont want to throw away will go to charity shop. I would love to do his rrom up though. Moved to a new house last year and we still dont hae the stairs nor the bedrooms carpeted (never have the damn money!) But when i do get the opportunity to do his room i will be buying some storage stuff. What storage did you buy? Looking for something that looks fun and inviting

themoon66 · 17/07/2006 12:20

I got lovely storage system from Ikea. You buy frames and then different coloured boxes of different depths to slide in. DS is now 14 and still uses it for his clothes, computer games etc. Pants in one box, sox in another, folded t-shirts in another. Works very well. I suspect he is gonna grow out of the primary colours soon though.

MamaG · 17/07/2006 12:22

I regularly give toys away to charity shop, they have lots in their rooms and a small toybox in our living room, but I get overrun.

I tend to throw away anything broken/McDonalds plasticky type rubbish after a bit too

Be ruthless!

Earlybird · 17/07/2006 12:35

Yes, too much clutter makes me cranky! DD wails if I try to throw anything away - even if it's something she hasn't touched for months, it instantly becomes the most treasured object when it's about to be binned. She even was unhappy last night when I insisted upon throwing away an old toothbrush!

I suppose the best thing would be to do a blitz when she's at school so we don't have to negotiate over every little thing.

cece · 17/07/2006 12:41

I have a high cupbopard, things they haven't played with for a while go in there. After a few weeks if they haven't asked for it off it goes to the charity shop. Without them seeing it go! I also ask them to choose some things they no longer want to go on other occasions as I think it does them good to not become hoarders themsleves!

zubb · 17/07/2006 13:10

I'm ruthless on toys, but with 3 boys I have to be. Anything they haven't played with for a while gets put away and if they haven't noticed by the time preschool has a table top sale then they all go there. I do rotate some of their stuff though so that not all of it is out at the same time.

cleaninglady · 17/07/2006 13:33

have not posted all morning as have spent the last 3 hours whilst dd at pre school sorting toys and putting them in boxes to hide whilst she is out i bet she doesnt even notice - am going to start a rotation system that sounds like a good idea - ds is 2 in 4 weeks and i know i will get inundated then so time to clear his stuff away as well ready for the new stuff!

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