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What can I use to clean marble?

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chonky · 15/07/2006 19:03

We have an old marble fireplace, and have no idea what to use to clean it. I'd prefer to use something eco-friendly if possible, any thoughts please?

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chonky · 15/07/2006 19:51


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chonky · 15/07/2006 19:52


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SenoraPostrophe · 15/07/2006 20:07

what's making it dirty?

In general, marble soaks up anything so you have to be quite careful. we have marble floors and i just use washing up liquid and water (in defiance of landlady's instructions to use only water!). as far as I know nothing will shift oily stains out of it, but if it looks awful you could try bleach (I'd go for hydrogen peroxide because that evaporates completely and doesn't leave a residue)

tissy · 15/07/2006 20:11

Hagesan do a range of marble cleaning products! We don't have any marble, but do have some of their stuff for cleaning slate floors, and some of their bath cleaning stuff

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UCM · 16/07/2006 03:56

There is a product from

(for some reason it won't let me link)

called Kling strip which is just about fantastic. It cleans marble up and I did the (100 year old with 100 layers of paint) banisters in our house with it. It's pricey but works like a dream.

UCM · 16/07/2006 03:58

It says it removes paint, but cleans up as well I forgot to add.

alexsmum · 16/07/2006 04:01

is that you ucm?

UCM · 16/07/2006 09:32

Nope tis my sister but don't use Kling strip on your ladygarden.

chonky · 17/07/2006 18:58

Thanks everyone - and I'll bear in mid your sage advice UCM

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