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how do i get the glass door and bottom of my self cleaning oven - clean

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albosmum · 14/07/2006 10:01

please help - never thought i would ask a question here but dh keeps nagging

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MrsBadger · 14/07/2006 10:06

if dh is the one nagging I'd get him to do it!

Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner - the ghastly corrosive foamy one - works on glass doors and oven floors. Wear gloves - it's not nice.

albosmum · 14/07/2006 10:07

i would but he is never here and when he is he tris to do diy, play with children etc - will get some smelly mr muscle do i have to leave it on for a long time

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MrsBadger · 14/07/2006 10:12

can't remember - dh does ours because it is Tough and Manly. Just read the tin - think it's an hour.

JackieNo · 14/07/2006 10:13

Not sure whether this is suitable for using in a cooker, but don't see why not, if it's wiped off afterwards (and the food wouldn't touch the glass, anyway, would it).

alison222 · 14/07/2006 11:00

also if you want to minimise cleaning afterwards try buying oven liner that just wipes clean from lakeland its great

albosmum · 14/07/2006 17:11

thank you lovely house keeping thread - i will try this next week

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