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How not to decorate......

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cleaninglady · 12/07/2006 19:50

Moved into new property 6 months ago - well an old property that has been renovated hence lots of magnolia coloured rooms! nothing against magnolia but having to make a start at making the rooms look lived in! particularly interested in ideas for childrens rooms 1 x dd age nearly 5 and 1 x ds aged nearly 2.... have some thoughts but do i go full on fairies princesses/trains and boats or anythign a bit different.....

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EvesMama · 12/07/2006 19:54

one botom half of one wall painted in black board paint

other than that, let them pick how they want it themselves..they'll develop stroppy tastes soon go all out with kiddy stuff

SoupDragon · 12/07/2006 19:59

I've just painted DS2s (5) small bedroom buttermilk (kind of magnolia!) with orange/green/glow-in-the-dark blue splodges like camouflage in patches on the wall.

There are some fab paint ranges for children out there (try the Crayola range if you can find it). coloured chalkoard paints, magnetic paints, glitter paints, glow-in-the-dark paints... Personally,I'd go for a colour scheme that won't date too quickly and add cheap accessories if you really want to theme it.

cleaninglady · 12/07/2006 20:06

would be a bit scared about the blackboard paint as have slight tidy/clean ocd!!! ds hasnt a clue so cant really ask him - dd even though quite opinionated about most things just keeps saying she wants like the last friends room she has been in with pink being a recurring theme! dont want to do a "theme" as such - had romantic idea of flowery patchwork bedlinen (which i have already got) and maybe white furniture (she doesnt have any at moment) so a bit old fashioned but nice???

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SoupDragon · 12/07/2006 20:16

Crayola and Bang on the door paints.

I've only ever seen Crayola in Focus DIY stores but it looks like you can order it from the Craig and Rose website... might have to order some myself

You could paint one "feature wall" in your DDs room pink with a glitter topcoat (Purple Disco from Craoyla is gorgeous).

SoupDragon · 12/07/2006 20:19

You've got me all excited about finishing D2s room and starting on DDs

YellowFeathers · 12/07/2006 20:24

I've just done dd's room.

I've painted 3 of the walls in a cream colour and one walls in a really bright orange. It was B&Q's own funky colours range and it was called Clownfish.

I've made some large circular stencils and then painted large circles dotted on the other walls to carry on the colour and also put up a border which has the same colours on with elephants, giraffes and zebras on.
It looks really good.

cleaninglady · 12/07/2006 20:45

love the feature wall and glitter top coat idea plus maybe incorporate the circle stencils - oohhh i will want to be in there myself!! might actually do our room at some point! (but not in glitter paint

OP posts:
YellowFeathers · 12/07/2006 20:48

B&Q do the glitter ones too and a metallic style paint.


JackieNo · 12/07/2006 20:48

I'd definitely recommend if you're planning a bright colour to just do one or two walls in it, and the others in a neutral - you can get away with something even brighter then.

cleaninglady · 12/07/2006 21:02

even better as the magnolia can stay on the three walls and i only have to do one!! thanks girls need to go to b&q now!

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SoupDragon · 13/07/2006 12:35

Feature coloured wall with glitter glaze circles...?

cleaninglady · 13/07/2006 13:23

soupdragon are you not impressed ?!

if anyone interested i have bought some paleish pink paint and the glitter stuff to go over it...

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 14/07/2006 20:48


My last comment was a suggestion btw, not a "WTF are you doing...???"

cleaninglady · 14/07/2006 21:52

sorry - so easy to misunderstand the tone!

i shudder at pink to but a very fiesty 4 1/2 yo dd that im scared of disareeing with

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