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Washer/Dryers - whats your opinion?

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crazydazy · 09/07/2006 20:28

We have just got a new washer/dryer as I wanted to create more space in my cupboard (the old dryer was kept in there) and having a few problems with it.

For a start have read the manual twice and still can't make head nor tail of it!

Secondly, it seems to take forever to do just a wash.

Have heard loads of bad press about them since we got it and now am worried have made the wrong decision - daren't tell DP though as I have whinged long enough for one.

OP posts:
CarlK · 09/07/2006 20:30

We have one..... and a tumbler dryer......

expatinscotland · 09/07/2006 20:31

they're pants.

TwinsetandPearls · 09/07/2006 20:31

Have had a washer dryer before and wouldn't have one again. Dryer took ages to dry . Now have a tunmble dryer which is so much better and it means that I can wash and dry at the same time.

emmawill · 09/07/2006 20:31

I'll got a hotpoint aquarius its quite a simple washer'dryer but have had no problems with it (touch wood) and its really easy to use. The dryer takes a bit longer than my separate dryer did, but guess that's because it has to dry the barrel out first, no idea, really! I think mine is really good but they are different I guess. Good luck working out the instructions

crazydazy · 09/07/2006 20:41

Yes I think thats the problem cos I have had my washer and dryer since I left home really I have never known anything else and my washer and dryer were Hotpoint Aquarius and they were brilliant.

I gave them to my sister as she's only 21 and has got her first house. I want them back now.

I guess I'll used to it.

OP posts:
morocco · 09/07/2006 20:42

I've got a hotpoint aquarius and it seems ok (had it for 8 months so far) - the fast wash is really fast. I hardly ever use the tumble dry bit though so maybe that's why I dont mind it.

tortoise · 09/07/2006 20:42

My washer/dryer was crap.Would never buy one again.Seperate machines are much better

crazydazy · 09/07/2006 20:49

Oh great

OP posts:
NatsF · 09/07/2006 21:17

Wouldn't buy a combi! I went for a Meile (probably spelt wrong) and I love it - not that I am obsessive about it though

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