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Would it do any harm to tumble dry my linen trousers....

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tissy · 08/07/2006 14:06

The label says do not tumble dry, but I washed them last night, they are still wet, and I need them for a flight at 6 tomorrow morning, for which I will have to leave the house at 4! Linen should be a bit damp when it is ironed, so I was thinking it might be OK to tumble them a bit until nearly dry, then iron...?

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fairydust · 08/07/2006 14:08


tissy · 08/07/2006 14:10

but why? You can iron linen at super- hot, and boil wash if necessary...

OP posts:
saadia · 08/07/2006 14:15

if the label says not to then most likely they will shrink

SoupDragon · 08/07/2006 14:19

I'd tumble them for a short time on the cool setting. It's a lot cooler than an iron.

SoupDragon · 08/07/2006 14:20

Disclaimer: I've not done this but I do tend to tumbe dry stuff where it seems silly to be told I can't. EG 100% cotton things.

Pretty much anything from the US seems to be tumbledryable

Kenneth · 08/07/2006 14:22

Dry them hanging up form a clothes hanger. Things dry super quick that way.

tissy · 08/07/2006 14:29

SoupDragon, that's what I thought- these trousers are from LandsEnd, surely they wouldn't shrink if I tumbled them just a little?

OP posts:
Mojomummy · 08/07/2006 14:41

Hang them on a hanger by an open window (curtain pole) & they should be dry.

I tumble dry, from damp, my linen trou & they have been fine - but I would only wash on a 40 wash.

I've shrunk many things in my time....

VacuousAndVacated · 25/08/2017 20:08

dry them in the tumbler and then revel in your camel toe

user1499786242 · 25/08/2017 20:39

Blast them with a hair dryer?

DandySeaLioness · 25/08/2017 20:48

it's not (just) the heat that will shrink your trousers, it's the tumbling itself OP. Honestly not worth it.

EnidButton · 26/08/2017 19:01

Pretty sure they've dried by now. It's been 11 years.


DandySeaLioness · 26/08/2017 20:01

@EnidButton OMG haha you're right! oh that's just made my day Shock here, I'll give myself a BiscuitBlush

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