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Jute or Coir for stair carpet, any experience?

6 replies

Alan · 06/07/2006 18:56

is it slippy?
easy to get dog hair off?

OP posts:
moondog · 06/07/2006 18:58

When I looked into this,coir was a nono cos of slippiness.

cupcakes · 06/07/2006 19:21

are you Malory or am I having deja vu??

Alan · 06/07/2006 19:22

I'm Fio!

so will jute be ok?

OP posts:
Philly · 06/07/2006 19:23

Also you cannot wash it,so useless if potty training and as for vomit(!)The other thing i found is that if they fall on it it can really burn plus really took the skin off ds2's knees when crwling.It was here when we moved here and I thought it looked lovelly but having lived with it i would never have it again!

Alan · 06/07/2006 19:25

its just for the stairs philly....would that make a difference or do you think it just isnt suitable?

OP posts:
cupcakes · 06/07/2006 19:26

Malory was talking about sisal/coir for stairs here
I thought it would be slippy but apparently there are some which are stair suitable.

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