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Polo Shirt Crisis

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flatmouse · 06/07/2006 17:38

how can i get Ds polo shirts really clean and white? they were washed in normal wash which is normally fine - once dry, they looked almost as dirty as when they went in. Ideas? Suggestions?

And while we're at it how DOES he get so dirty at school?? He's like a hippo wallowing in mud all day! His friends never seem as grubby.

OP posts:
cupcakes · 06/07/2006 17:43

only wash with other whites. Even if the other colours aren't leaking you end up with a greyer white. Also 60 degrees and higher is best (even though I prefer 49 degrees because of the environment )

BudaBabe · 06/07/2006 18:04

I have tried everything! Drives me mad. DH reckons it would be cheaper to just keep buying new ones every couple of months as I spend so much on stain removers/bleach etc etc.

WHY do they pick white FGS???? DS's school have grey for PE and we are trying to get it switched to grey for school and white for PE - much nmore sensible!

roisin · 06/07/2006 18:16

I always wash whites separately, and quite hot. I don't struggle to keep them white, but they do tend to stain easily.

I just buy the cheapest and chuck them out when they get stained.

Furball · 06/07/2006 18:37

Tescos - 100% cotton 3 for £3!! Bargain

Ds has just changed schools and has gone from navy blue, which obviously is very friendly to white which is a blooming nightmare keeping clean.

Gameboy · 06/07/2006 20:57

Do you tumble dry your polo shirts? I maintain it shrinks them and makes them more 'crispy' (makes the weave tighter) but DH keeps bunging them in the tumbler...

SoupDragon · 06/07/2006 21:01

I finally managed to send DSs to school in beautifuly white polo shirts the other week after never being able to shift the stains.

I bought them new ones.

Furball · 06/07/2006 21:05

No I don' tumble dry them. Nor anything that I particularly like as it does seem to shrink things.

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