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Can you put Doodles shoes in the tumble dryer?

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Tommy · 27/06/2006 16:28

that's it really.
DS2 keeps wee-ing on his and walking in puddles, the washing machine is out of action so have to handwash them but they don't dry out overnight in airing cupboard.
Any tips gratefully received

OP posts:
hana · 27/06/2006 16:30

yo uaren't supposed to but I sometimes do
it just ages them more quickly!

Tommy · 27/06/2006 16:31

they already look really scruffy anyway - I though perhaps on a low heat?

OP posts:
sugarfree · 27/06/2006 16:36

NO!!! I did it today and they've shrunk!

Tommy · 27/06/2006 17:35

oh - thanks sugarfree

(have a tip myself - make sure washing machine does not break while potty training)

he'll just have to wear his socks and shoes again tomorrow

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