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Sun tan lotion has stainned dd's clothes please HELP !

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sweetbean · 27/06/2006 10:22

We went on holiday recently and when i came back and did all the washing i realised that 90% of dd's summer clothes have been stainned a creamy yellow colour by her factor 15+ suntan lotion i have tryed oxygen stain remover but this didn't shift it, i would be realy greatful if anyone could sugest a way of getting it out. Or a suntan lotion that won't STAIN !!!!

OP posts:
melrose · 27/06/2006 10:24

Can't help, but you could have just explained the yellowy stains on half of Ds whitish T shirts and my white trousers, thought something had run in the wash! I ahve tried soaking in nappy soak and adding it to the wash, has faded the stain but not made it go away, so watch this with interest!

EvesMama · 27/06/2006 10:24

in same boat
was reccomended to me, to iron them with brown paper over top to try and draw the grease out..but didnt work for me

charliecat · 27/06/2006 10:25

So far Avons Bronze kids UVA UAB 30 lotion spray that you spray purple and it rubs in on HASNT stained. (purple trigger bottle)
Garnier Kids 40 SPF colour conrol in a bluey green colour has killed a lot of the kids chool stuff.
Try rubbing washing up liquid in and putting it back in the wash.
Will keep an eye on this thread for a better idea though.

Furball · 27/06/2006 10:27

I too am suffering - bought the Boots Once stuff and all ds's white school polo shirts are filthy inside and out! Have washed as normal and it has faded abit, but I wont be buying that suncream again.

MrsBadger · 27/06/2006 10:28

if they're white cotton, soak overnight in sink of water w capful of bleach added - if printed or not cotton you may be stuck.

Bad news I know, but more expensive suncreams don't seem to stain. Nivea and Garnier are fine, but last year we bought some Tesco stuff in an emergency and it was awful for leaving yellow marks.
Not sure about Boots stuff - haven't worn it with white this summer yet!

MrsBadger · 27/06/2006 10:30

oh, should say that was Nivea and Garnier normal factor 15 and 30 that didn't stain for me - not spray / coloured / specially for kids or anything.

melrose · 27/06/2006 10:30

Think my learning from thsi is do not buy any white/light colur based summer clothes for DS! May ahve to die my lovely trousers though...

charliecat · 27/06/2006 10:31

Garnier Normal Kids without the colour was fine for me last year. Should have stuck to it.

sweetbean · 27/06/2006 10:33

thanks everyone
the factor 25 that i used was boots own and the factor 15 was nivea but you would have though in this day and age that they would have made products that don't stain! or give good warnings to say that they do. I'm so cross i could spit
But have lots of faith in all you lovely MN's and am sure that someone will have some wonderful advise xxxx

OP posts:
EvesMama · 27/06/2006 10:34

hmm..i bought lovely pair of white linen trews and friends son decided to smother me..and my trews in tescos own they are white with bright yellow stains everywhere

EvesMama · 27/06/2006 10:36

BTW mines the nivea spray for kids in a luverly green colour..go's luminous yellow on nice white clothes..should we sue the suncream companies for stains on my dd's £3.50 school shirts??

MrsBadger · 27/06/2006 10:41

small print on back of bottle always says 'avoid contact with textiles' or 'may stain clothes'. Covering their arses, grrr.

sweetbean · 27/06/2006 10:44

Well that's just typical isn't it they should have it in big neon flashing words on the front of the bottel if you ask me !!!!!!!!!!

OP posts:
sweetbean · 27/06/2006 10:47

Anyone else got a bottel of nivea handy as i can't see any advise about avoiding fabric.

OP posts:
staceym11 · 27/06/2006 11:02

my tesco bottle says avoid contact with fabrics as with all sun protection products this may stain! well thats useful. must say i havnt noticed stains on slothes from it tho. but dont think iv really got any on dds clothes (or mine( as of yet, but shes still only little!

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