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skylight blinds - help!

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honeychild · 25/06/2006 16:50

DS's room has a skylight in it - not a nice velux one, more a whopping great hole in the ceiling with a bit of glass in it! We desperately need to put a blind over it, as it keeps him awake on these light mornings, but can't find blinds that don't conform to velux spec. Can anyone help with suggestions?

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Pinotmum · 25/06/2006 16:58

We have skylight blinds on our windows - they are not velux ones. They are not 100% blackout but they are dark. We had to have them made. They are a concertina type that fit onto the window inner frame. It took me ages to find a company to help but the one I used said these were used alot for conservatory roofs. Where are you as this company are based in Essex.

honeychild · 25/06/2006 17:04

We're in South Wales - bit too far, probably. Wonder if they can make it up if you send measurements. Anyone else have any ideas? John Lewis in Bristol were hopeless and couldn't seem to understand there was such a thing as a non-velux blind

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JackieNo · 25/06/2006 17:16

These people have stockists in Cardiff and Newport ? They don't seem to mention Velux.

honeychild · 25/06/2006 20:24

Thanks, JackieNo - I'll check them out .

OP posts:
UberCodofWashingFame · 25/06/2006 20:25

sister reckons velux are wortht the moeny on her sons bedroom

Pinotmum · 25/06/2006 20:29

Velux only make for their own windows though so if you don't have the exact specifications of a velux window you can't have the blinds. Our windows were from The Loft Shop so hence the shopping about iyswim.

honeychild · 25/06/2006 20:35

The skylight in this room is massive and was never designed to have a blind on it, as the room was used as an artist's studio. Needless to say it doesn't conform to any of the standard sizes - sigh. I guess it'll have to be made to measure at vast expense. Anyone else know of any companies that do this? I did find one outfit and they promised to send me samples but then never bothered.

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MamaG · 25/06/2006 20:38

My SIL is a bit of a whizz and she bought some blackout material, used an eyelet machine (don't know proper name ) to put metal rimmed eyelets at intervals down the sides and screwed metal cup hooks in the sides and then just looped them through the holes. Worked really well and looked great. Might be a cheaper alternative for you

honeychild · 25/06/2006 20:44

Blimey. Feeling a bit faint just at the thought of it. Perhaps will just throw money at it . SIL sounds like true domestic goddess. I am true domestic loser.

OP posts:
NomDePlume · 25/06/2006 20:47

Cod, we have Velux blinds in DS2's room and in my bedroom and they are brilliant, really easy to fit too.

These people do alsorts of different blinds for various manufacturers . Have a peep.

newshoes121 · 09/06/2011 21:24

Had the same problem - I managed to find a site which gives you the glass sizes of the window. Ypu can then match up your window size to the blind.

schroeder · 10/06/2011 13:01

Oh newshoes I love you so much!

I have been trying to find something like this for ages, in order to see the code on my velux windows I would need to either climb onto the roof or onto a really tall ladder in my attic and stick most of my body out as the windows open upwards IYKWIM. I emailed velux and most unhelpful.

Thank you again Grin

pooka · 10/06/2011 13:04

We have the velux blackout blinds in our bedroom. They are fab - dead easy to install. Complete darkness and also reflective so the room doesn't get too hot.

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