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minky or lakeland?

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MousyMouse · 30/08/2013 10:44

should I get the minky tower airer or lakeland heated airer ?

it will be at the top of the house on the landing, usually stuff dries there quite quickly but space is akward for a wing airer and I hate clothes horses with a passion.

OP posts:
Weelady77 · 30/08/2013 11:23

I've got the minky one and its huge not very good for bedding heavy towels,jeans, hooded jumpers bought it last October it's now folded away collecting dustHmm

buzzielizzie · 30/08/2013 12:54

I've not used the minky one but there was a Lakeland one where we stayed on holiday and I was very impressed by its sturdiness and the drying space it offered.

BrownSauceSandwich · 30/08/2013 19:06

We have the lakeland one, and it's brill. Plenty of space, plenty sturdy, folds up nicely, and works really well. Top tip... It works much better when covered, but we use an old kingsize sheet rather than buying a cover for it.

MousyMouse · 30/08/2013 19:40

the lakeland does look sturdier. but the minky is higher...
for heavy stuff I have a big wing airer, but that is not enough for the amount of laundry we sometimes have...

OP posts:
ilovepowerhoop · 30/08/2013 19:48

I have the minky and it is good for lighter stuff and I can fit a few loads on it. I also hang stuff off it on hangers e.g the kids polo shirts. I hang towels from the ends of it too using clothes pegs. I have another concertina one for jeans, heavy jumpers, etc

noisytoys · 31/08/2013 09:04

I have the Minky one its great for lighter things but I only hang things off every other row because the bars are too close together to dry anything otherwise.

ilovepowerhoop · 31/08/2013 09:13

I am the same and leave a gap between the clothes so they dry better. You can still fit a lot on it even with the gaps.

MousyMouse · 31/08/2013 13:54

3:2 for the lakeland so far...
don't have a dryer so the lakeland might be more practical for us.

OP posts:
FinallySaidMama · 02/09/2013 12:51

My friend has the Lakeland one and loves it. She has hers in her bedroom and says it warms up her room really nicely in the winter as an added bonus!

Plus Lakeland have excellent customer service.

fussychica · 02/09/2013 14:43

I've got the Lakeland - it's great.

BobbyGentry · 02/09/2013 14:47

For a second there, I thought the OP was asking about baby names x

MousyMouse · 02/09/2013 18:04


OP posts:
onedogandababy · 05/09/2013 12:40

I had the Lakeland one but returned it, it took too long to dry stuff and had to be turned on for hours and hours. Worked better covered, but it's not meant to be & got so hot, I was slightly concerned about it being a fire hazard. Could only fit so much, so after a couple of loads, I could do no more laundry. Gave up and got a tumble dryer instead.

madmomma · 05/09/2013 21:44

I love my Lakeland heated airer so much. I think it's a money-saver in the long run, and it means the washing gets dry before it starts to smell stale.

mousmous · 03/11/2013 10:45

the lakeland arrived yesterday.
second load on it to dry right now.
I only switched on for an hour for quality conrol yesterday, so only to see how warm it gets and then left it switched off. a full load still dried over night.
the bottom bit is a bit fiddly to hang, but that's the deal with tower airers I guess.

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