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Something to lilev up yer do I get bad burn marks off an aluminium pan then??

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moondog · 14/06/2006 21:11

I await your pearls of wisdom.....

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nicnack2 · 14/06/2006 21:12

try soaking in washing up powder. that often gets burn maks of dishes etc hth

moondog · 14/06/2006 21:13

Will try it. Thanks. Smile

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foxinsocks · 14/06/2006 21:13


if I've tried everything else then I always bung the Cif cream in as a last attempt - don't even know if it is supposed to be used on stuff you cook with but it does work!

Pruni · 14/06/2006 21:14

Heh heh I nearly posted the very same question the other day.
Then I thought I'd try brillo pads.
But I haven't yet.
(I just don't care, headed for whatever circle of hell is reserved for household sluts.)

tenalady · 14/06/2006 21:14

Yep biological washing powder soaked overnight might help

pesme · 14/06/2006 21:14

dh sometimes boils up a few slices of lemon in the burnt pan. sometimes it works, sometimes he forgets and the pan ends up twice as burnt. Grin

moondog · 14/06/2006 21:19

lol Pesme

Tut at your Slipping Standards Pruni.

I am about to unpack my new steam cleaner that arrived today.

OP posts:
nicnack2 · 14/06/2006 21:31

use the steam cleaner!

Pruni · 14/06/2006 21:32

O how I wish there had been Heights from which to slip. Grin

moondog · 14/06/2006 21:36

OOh,maybe I will.
An evening of unbridled excitement awaits....

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cat64 · 14/06/2006 21:45

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

moondog · 14/06/2006 21:47

My,have veritable feast of nifty tricks up my (pinafore) sleeve now.
Always get Bicarb and Baking Powder mixed up.

God,I'm thrilling tonight...

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