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nail varnish on carpet? help!

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peachyClair · 09/06/2006 20:46

DS3 managed to get in my handbag whilst I was trying to sort out DS1, who is having ab bad day as DH's shift has changed again

result: rose pink stripes dribbled over carpet in rented house

scrubbing seems to sort of shift it, but it takes AGES and I'm ill- can I leave it til tomorrow (cheap varnish, mid brown coated carpet) or is there anything else I can do.....

Dh is gonna be so not pleased!!!!

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JackieNo · 09/06/2006 20:53

Some info \link{\here}, but nothing definitive. Key advice seems to be - do a patch test somewhere inconspicuous before you do anything.

peachyClair · 09/06/2006 21:31

the tip about hairspray? fab! thanks

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