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i've split oil on my trousers, how do i remove it?

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misdee · 02/06/2006 18:03

anyione know?

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Twiglett · 02/06/2006 18:03

what kind of oil?

Kidstrack · 02/06/2006 18:04

not sure but try making a paste with fairy liquid amd sugar and rub it on to the oil stain before washing, my gran used to tell me this

misdee · 02/06/2006 18:05

cooking oil, vegetable i think.

OP posts:
LIZS · 02/06/2006 18:06

Swarfega for car or household oil/grease

misdee · 02/06/2006 18:09

i dont have any swafega lol.

OP posts:
LIZS · 02/06/2006 18:11

lol try \link{\here}

Twiglett · 02/06/2006 18:11

put some shampoo on it then shove it through the wash

misdee · 02/06/2006 18:11


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