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Defrosting a freezer that is full

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speedymama · 30/05/2006 10:54

Can someone please give me advice on the best way of defrosting my freezer that is full of food! We have had it 3 years and it is has not been defrosted yet and the ice is really building up nowBlush.

I'm worried about all the food defrosting before the freezer has had time to defrost, especially as a lot of it are home-made ready meals, fresh meat, fish and bread. I'm wondering if I can speed up the process by placing boiling hot water inside the freezer? Also, what is the best way of keeping the food cold enough in order that it does not defrost?

I do feel a bit silly asking this but I have got to do somethingBlush.


OP posts:
hoxtonchick · 30/05/2006 10:57

wrap all the food in towels, turn the electricity off (you'd think that bit was obvious, but it didn't occur to me the other day Blush), then set to work with hot water. i dipped a wooden spoon in boiling water & used it to hack the ice off. it was strangely satisfying...

scienceteacher · 30/05/2006 10:58

Do you have a cooler to put your frozen food in - a good one should keep it frozen all day.

Don't know if this is kosher, but a gentle waft of the hair dryer can speed up the process. I wouldn't use boiling water.

Needless to say, it is easiest to do the job when you have run down your supplies.

Blackduck · 30/05/2006 10:59

Use newspaper as well - it insulates so keeps the food cold....if you have freezer blocks use them...
Boil kettle and fill metal baking trays/sauspans with water and put in freezer (speeds process up...)

tessasmum · 30/05/2006 11:00

I use a couple of freezerblocks in a coolbag/box and stick everything in there - beg/borrow if you haven't got enough (ask a camper they will have loads!!)
I then stick roasting trays of boiling water in the freezer, emptying them out after 10 mins or so. Keep this up until the freezer is empty of ice. Also worth putting old towels round the bottom of the freezer for drips.
Good luck, I'm building up to doing mine at the moment Smile

Aero · 30/05/2006 11:00

Everything will stay frozen for several hours wrapped up in newspaper and packed tightly into a cool bag or box.

I used warm water and towels too for speed. Defrosting naturally takes forever. Don't use any sharp implements to attack ice though.

Aero · 30/05/2006 11:01

Yes, agree, warm, not boiling water.

tessasmum · 30/05/2006 11:01

Agree with HC about bashing ice - very satisfying Smile

pesme · 30/05/2006 11:04

i put food in plastic bags and then wrap up in a duvet and then do the hot water and bashing thing

speedymama · 30/05/2006 11:08

Wow, thanks ladies. I don't know why I felt sheepish about asking for help but thanks for not making me feel like an idiotSmile.

OP posts:
Bramshott · 30/05/2006 11:17

Wait till it snows, and put everything outside. Perfect excuse to put if off for another 6 months!

Blackduck · 30/05/2006 11:19

Oh and run the stock in the freezer down next time Grin

speedymama · 30/05/2006 11:30


I have been so busy and meticulous about making and freezing our ready meals that I forgot to run the freezer downBlush

OP posts:
Cappucino · 30/05/2006 11:41

don't bash too hard with anything sharp as my ex-boyfriend found out when defrosting the freezer many years ago Sad

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