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Cheap but decent storage advice?

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FlameBoo · 30/05/2006 08:59

We are in a rented place, so don't really want to spend money putting up cupboards etc, but we have very very little storage. I'm just about coping in the kitchen, but the diningroom still has stuff that we store in cardboard boxes, and DD has toys all over the place, and not much in the way of decent storage.

I don't have a fortune to spend, and (at least where the toys are concerned), they need to be fairly easily accessible - thinking something that pulls out like drawers, rather than stacked iyswim.

I haven't got a clue really... cardboard boxes vs big bright plastic boxes are both about as horrible as eachother :(

OP posts:
Blossomhill · 30/05/2006 09:02

We have \link{\this} for ds's room and it is really good. Holds loads and fairly cheap too.

DuchessMiaouOfTheMews · 30/05/2006 09:03

Oooh, no advice but I'm piggybacking on your thread as we are in the same position re. needing cheap storage solutions for dd's v. small bedroom.

Flameboo, are you flamesparrow or someone else? I get so confused these days.

FlameBoo · 30/05/2006 09:06

Yup, its Flamesparrow. DD got a new Boo dvd for her birthday, and I kept hearing "Its Kangaroo Boo in the bush" and "Its Bat Boo in the cave", so I decided to become "FlameBoo on the computer" Grin

I really like that BH!!!! Now I just need to find my nearest Ikea (I think many miles away :()

OP posts:
Tommy · 30/05/2006 09:42

we have that Ikea one in the DSs' room as well and \link{\three of these} in the living room that they keep their toys in.
In a fit of efficiency, I even put labels on them Shock Grin

FlameBoo · 30/05/2006 09:44

Oooh oooh oooh!!!! Going to see DH's parents in Wales in a fortnight - we could detour to Cardiff Ikea on the way back.

OP posts:
FlameBoo · 30/05/2006 09:45

Or not... unless they will fit in my boot or we strap babies to the roof.


OP posts:
LIZS · 30/05/2006 10:14

We have both of those, with coloured boxes ! They are flat packed, so less than a metre long, and the boxes stack inside each other if it helps, not too bad to put together either.

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