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Your best tips for moving house/packing/moving day please?

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womblingalong · 18/08/2012 18:21

We are moving house in 13 days (eek! - just writing that down is scary!) and I am working for 6 of those days. I am knee deep in boxes and black bin liners of things for the tip/charity shop, and not sure I will be done in time without a nervous breakdown.

Any advice for getting things done and not losing the plot would be most gratefully received!

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valiumredhead · 20/08/2012 11:38

Packers are cheap - we paid about £200 and they packed EVERYTHING. I will never move without having packers ever again.
You just walk out of your house and leave it and they pack up - fab!

hanahsaunt · 20/08/2012 11:43

My packers/removals are double booked for our move next Tuesday (28th) and not available until 4 Sept as we've chosen the busiest week of the year to move [sob].

womblingalong · 26/08/2012 19:04

Hanahsaunt, that's annoying, can you get anyone else? Packers booked, but I am still trying to declutter!!

DH is painting the kitchen scuffs over and I am hiding away to MNam doing the kids bedrooms.

OP posts:
lifeafterlondon · 31/08/2012 08:59

helenagrace I am so impressed by your packing ideas, that is fantastic.
A top tip is to keep a box in your own car with the essentials for your first night including bedding to ensure you have a comfy duvet for the first night and a cup of tea. Also critical in that box is a corkscrew, in my opinion!!

Notyetthere · 01/09/2012 07:58

Here is a whole thread I found on Mse to do with moving. It was absolutely useful when we moved 1st time. We had our own van but used all the organisational tips from the thread.

Notyetthere · 01/09/2012 08:00

I don't think I know how to hyperlink on iPhone, sorry

Notyetthere · 01/09/2012 08:03
aarenace · 13/03/2013 04:54

Sorry, I don't have any experience but this article can give you better tips.

Frostybean · 13/03/2013 15:49

I've just done it and it's horrible. The best advice I can give is to use professional packers and removals people. Then make sure they label all boxes with: Room; Floor; and most importantly, contents. I've had several breakages due to packing my own things (Wedgewood ornamens, pictures, glasses etc. not tragic but still a shame). Then pack an over night bag for everyone as if you were going away. Include headache tablets (and any other pills you need) plus tea/coffee making supplies and your phone charger, plus pen and paper. Finally, ask the most organised person you know to help you move! Good luck.

Frostybean · 13/03/2013 15:51

Just seen how ancient this thread is Blush

mukeshsingh7166 · 23/07/2014 11:44

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poppydavidson · 07/08/2014 09:18

Well, it seems like you have most of the important aspects covered. Still, I'd like to add that it's really important to label all your boxes because otherwise you will end up with a lot of broken items. I know it from personal experience :) and it wasn't cool at all. I think no one mentioned you should not put too much items in one box. 30 pounds is the maximum, anything above that and you risk getting back injury. I saw somebody mention a first night box and they're right. It's really frustrating to have to go through a pile of boxes just to find your toothbrush, so do not neglect this important advice :). You know what? I recently found a very good and throughout article on how to properly pack all your items for a house move
I hope it helps, these guys obviously know what they're talking about.

MrsDexter · 07/08/2014 09:54

Can anyone recommend what size boxes to buy? Seen so many on ebay that it's overwhelming. Was looking at: LARGE SUPER STRONG DOUBLE WALL CARDBOARD BOXES 18 x 12 x 12" but not sure and don't want to make a mistake. What size boxes do you get from removal companies?

poppyD78 · 07/10/2014 08:33

Well, it depends a great deal on what items you have. As far as I know you should pack heavy items in small boxes and light items in large boxes. The important thing to remember is never to make your boxes weight over 30 lbs. If you make your boxes heavier than 30 lbs you risk getting a back injury.
The movers I hired last time also said it's best to use super strong boxes for packing breakable items such as dishes and glasses. For regular items you can use regular boxes. In my opinion you don't even need to buy a whole bunch of boxes unless you're looking for something specific such as a wardrobe box or a TV box. That's just my opinion. Have a look at this guide to moving boxes It explains what items best fit into different types of boxes. Hope that helps.

Good luck!

Umita · 08/10/2014 22:05

Depending on where you live, you can get TaskRabbit to come and help you pack. I used them to move a bunch of stuff to the tip when I moved house. Great service.

FrostNixon · 16/10/2014 09:26

Ditto the comments about labelling boxes and rooms at new house.

As they carry each box in, it's easier to cross off the list.

But my BIG tip is this - as boxes are coming in - have someone make up your bed for you. You will no doubt work until totally exhausted on that first day. Having to sort out your bed, sheets, the lot when you are pooped is not fun.

My ex-wife and ex-MIL did this for me whilst I was overseeing boxes. I still think of that as something very thoughtful and caring.

It's a big stress - but planning and forethought will get you through it!

Good luck!

letsdavidjohn · 27/07/2015 11:44

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Maryam45 · 06/09/2015 07:55

I moved from a larger to smaller home last time (2100 – 1700 sq ft).Fortunately I had purged a lot in the months before, but I still had a boatload of stuff. Luckily the storage was much more efficient than the previous home, and the number of kitchen cabinets was the same. Lots of built in shelving and closet organizers, too. Four years later I am doing a major purge and I’m finding that most of it is stuff I had moved!

I also used color coded labels and visualized where everything was going as I packed it. I really didn’t have to move many boxes from room to room. When I did a rolling office chair made a great dolly! Here is an article about how to start packing for your move that was really helpful for me.

I find moving to a new home very exciting – I hope you get there too.

ManAndVan · 01/10/2015 12:06

Just thought this may help your readers, we have spent a year building our blog to help people prepare for the big moving day here. Many Thanks Simon.

mishalmary · 22/01/2016 07:52

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NateGreen · 25/01/2016 07:25

Woah... Your situation looks pretty hectic. I can totally relate. Me and my girls moved our home recently and it was hell. I was seeking for advice just like you and a lot of people responded kindly. But actually, it was a lot after that I found some great tips for moving out, so maybe you should check them if there's something that could be of help -

Laradata · 09/02/2016 07:37

very helpful and working tips you share. i am gonna move in next week in Wandsworth and in search of good help and u did my help thank you for this on of friend recommend me a removal company "Kingman and van London" but i am still looking for more good and your tips helps me much in this

benstevens · 09/05/2016 13:45

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whatatod0 · 13/05/2016 11:55

We used packers - it was brilliant. I de-cluttered as I unpacked rather than packed.
We moved house and went on holiday in the early hours the following morning - madness!!
I packed holiday suitcases and kept them in the car boot, then a basket of essential paperwork and gadget charges and kept that in the car too. Ds was returning that day from a holiday with a friends family, and our dd is autistic and started freaking out as we arrived in the new house.
However, the movers were great, and put the beds back up for us, and the food back in the fridge/freezer.
Just keep the movers plied with tea and coffee!!
Good luck, and enjoy your new house. Congrats!! Flowers

Gadziala09 · 14/09/2016 07:34

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