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Kids' bean bags

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AllesAusLiebe · 30/06/2021 14:23

Hi everyone - silly question, but I'm trying to create a 'reading corner' for my nearly 3 year old DS and I'm looking for a bean bag chair/recliner.

I've looked on the obvious sites for them, but keep coming across mixed reviews. Every time I think I've found one that looks good, I find a review saying the stitching is lousy or it's too small! I'm after a one big enough to grow with him.

Does anyone have one of these they'd recommend?

Thanks in advance!

OP posts:
jaundicedoutlook · 30/06/2021 17:55

Have two of these. They’re really comfortable and well made…

Zinnia · 30/06/2021 21:33

I came in to say the Nobodinoz ones, have them in both DDs' rooms and they are lovely. Big triangular one for the 12yo and smaller, round one for the 10yo (with the smaller room).

Also try, which had som nice ones when I was looking a few months ago.

ILoveShula · 06/07/2021 14:07

Look on your local freecycle/freegle.

I have beanbags and the important bit is that it either has a wipeable cover, or if it is washable that it has a removable cover over an inner bag.

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