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Wipe clean paint

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rockybalboa · 03/05/2015 12:09

We are currently staying at Center Parcs. DS3 is a felt-tip bandit Hmm and his scribblings on the wall wiped off super easy. We are moving home next week and perhaps his artistic tendencies mean we should move away from our usual flat matt to whatever this stuff is. I thought vinyl paint had a sort of shiny finish but the CP walls don't look shiny. What sort of paint should I be looking for as wipe clean walls will be easier than dealing with an almost two year old who can sniff out a well hidden pen with amazing speed...

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rockybalboa · 11/05/2015 00:26


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movingonup2015 · 15/05/2015 11:26

not sure about other brands but Valspar paint that you get from B&Q has a matt finish but is scrubbable. Not cheap though I think it is £32 for 2.5 litres.

tibni · 16/05/2015 14:47

Dulux do an endurance range that is washable Matt, crown do as well and b&q. It really does wash and wipe - ds is severely disabled and very mucky and this is the only type of paint we will use! They will mix colours within the range.

rockybalboa · 16/05/2015 23:22

Great, thanks. I have discovered that Little Green do a washable matt so currently have bits of their paint charts stuck all over the house...

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pashmina696 · 27/05/2015 18:32

dulux diamond matt - it is very wipeable.

26Point2Miles · 27/05/2015 19:22

The only paint Ive found which is truly scrubbable is valspar premium £27 for 2.5 litres

Dulux endurance comes off on the cloth! Diamond Matt works well though

I work in paint. Silk might be tougher but is a bugger to repaint

26Point2Miles · 27/05/2015 19:24

Washable isn't scrubbable tho. I find the decorators don't rate little Greene co.... Nice colours like f&b but it's not popular with the workmen

hotandbothered24 · 29/05/2015 11:44

I've found Valspar premium good for cleaning, not much luck with dulux endurance at all

rockybalboa · 29/05/2015 23:18

Great, I will check out Valspar. Most if the walls will be brilliant white anyway although B&Q seem to do Valspar colour matching.

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dontcallmelen · 09/06/2015 22:07

Mylands marble matt, the best paint I have ever used, really thick great coverage to, have it in my kitchen scrubs with no problem, much better than little greene.

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