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Has anyone used Abyssinian by Colourtrend?

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looki · 29/12/2014 01:09

I had a painter booked and rushed a colour choice for one of our bedrooms. I wanted a pale (but warm) grey colour but wanted it to look grey rather than beige. In hindsight I realise this was probably an impossible feat. I landed on the colour abyssinian by colourtrend and the painter put it on the walls. I hated it from the beginning and planned to repaint it but I don't have the time or money and now am at the stage where I have to decorate the rest of the room.

Originally I thought it would be a pale grey interesting colour and I would team it with white bedlinen and it would look clean and crisp. Its anything but........
I'm stuck for what colour to put with it. Its in what was (until this paint went on the walls) the brightest room in the house but it has made the room so dull. It also has a purple hue from it and I absolutely hate purple walls.

I was going to go with an eclectic duvet cover and a bright floor rug to deflect from the wall colour but I'm not sure if I will make a bad situation worse.Currently I have white bedlinen but it doesn't do anything for the room. I also have cream curtains which I need to change (they need to be changed regardless of the paint anyway) so any suggestions would be appreciated.

I'm not handy with a paintbrush so repainting it cream (oh how I wish I had stuck with cream!) isn't an option.

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